Diving Deep into Rust Underwater Labs: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Darket
15 November 2023
Diving Deep into Rust Underwater Labs: A Comprehensive Guide
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In the world of Rust, adventure lies not only on land but also beneath the waves. The Underwater Labs, a recent and thrilling addition to the game, offer a unique blend of danger and opportunity. This guide delves into every aspect of these submerged complexes, from locating them to navigating their challenges and reaping their rewards.

Locating the Underwater Labs

The Underwater Labs are not difficult to find on your map, but reaching them is another story. Your journey begins with the right gear: a diving tank and fins, essential for underwater survival. Diving tanks can be scavenged or purchased for 35 Scrap at fishing villages, while fins, aiding in swift swimming, are found in loot crates or acquired with a fishing rod and bait under level 2.5. Alternatively, for those preferring a more direct approach, submarines are available for 200 Scrap (or 300 Scrap for a two-person sub), also at fishing villages.

Accessing the Labs

Upon reaching the labs, two entry points await: the human-sized pool and the larger moon pool. Submarine users must use the moon pool, marked with red dots on the submarine’s sonar, featuring a large opening for easy access. Scuba divers can also use this entry, with a convenient ladder to climb. The smaller pool is safer but beware of shark encounters!

Inside the Labs: Enemies and Loot

Inside the Underwater Labs, you’ll encounter armed scientists, similar to tunnel dwellers but more dangerous, equipped with M92 pistols or MP5 SMGs and boasting 125 health points. They can open doors, so strategize your movements carefully. The labs, with their random generation, house about seven scientists on average, and other players might also be lurking, ready for PvP action. The loot includes 11 types of boxes, ranging from elite to medical and tech boxes, promising rich rewards for those brave enough to explore.

Solving the Puzzles

Puzzle One (No Keycard)

Locate a room adjacent to a ladder with doors bearing red buttons. Insert an electric fuse in the fuse box, then press the door button to enter. Inside, you’ll find body parts, two medical crates, and food crates.

Puzzle Two (Green Keycard)

Seek out the powered module room and enter the green puzzle rooms, housing sleeping bunks and tables. One room features a boombox, a large crate, and a food crate.

Puzzle Three (Blue Keycard)

This involves navigating four rooms:

  1. Ladder module with a computer station, crates, and boxes.
  2. Central room with a jail cell and various crates.
  3. Corner room requiring multiple keycards and a fuse, offering generators, a tier 3 workbench, and crates.
  4. Room by the powered keycard door with a desk, bunkbed, and crates.

Puzzle Four (Red Keycard)

Two modules to conquer:

  1. First module requires a blue keycard, red keycard, and two fuses, leading to elite crates.
  2. Second module needs one fuse and a red keycard, revealing boxes and elite crates.


Rust’s Underwater Labs offer an exhilarating blend of challenge and reward. With this guide, you’re now equipped to explore these submerged sanctuaries. Remember, preparation, strategy, and a keen eye for detail are your best allies in conquering these depths.

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Note: Information in this guide is based on current game mechanics and may be subject to change. Always check for updates.

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