Sky High in Rust: Helicopter Tips for Newbies

Written by Trust your skill
23 September 2023
Sky High in Rust: Helicopter Tips for Newbies
Photo by Ninuz

Taking to the skies in Rust is a thrilling venture, offering a bird’s eye view of the vast landscapes and a speedy way to zip across the map. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, mastering the art of flying can significantly up your game. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of piloting helicopters in Rust, with a special mention of how VIP and MVP members in Trust Your Skill servers can get their own minicopter with a simple command.

1. Meet the Birds: Minicopter, Scrap Transport Helicopter, and the New Attack Helicopter

Rust offers a variety of aerial vehicles, each with its own set of features:

  • Minicopter: A small, nimble, two-seater helicopter, perfect for quick reconnaissance missions or fast travel across the map. It requires Low Grade Fuel to operate.

  • Scrap Transport Helicopter: A larger, more robust helicopter that can carry up to 4 players. It’s ideal for group expeditions but requires a bit more skill to handle. Like the Minicopter, it runs on Low Grade Fuel.

  • Attack Helicopter: The newest addition to Rust’s aerial fleet, available for purchase from the Air Wolf store at Bandit Camp for 2250 scrap. It features a gunner seat with a turret and rocket pods, allowing for some serious firepower from the skies. The pilot can also fire rockets, making this a formidable flying fortress.

2. Getting Your Wings on Trust Your Skill Servers

On Trust Your Skill servers, VIP and MVP members have the exclusive privilege of summoning their own Minicopter using the /mymini command. This perk allows for immediate access to aerial mobility, a significant advantage in the Rust wilderness.

3. Pre-flight Checklist

Before you soar into the skies, here’s a quick checklist:

  • Fuel Up: Ensure your helicopter has enough Low Grade Fuel. The last thing you want is to plummet from the sky due to an empty tank.
  • Check the Area: Make sure the area around your helicopter is clear to avoid any collisions during takeoff and landing.
  • Plan Your Route: Know where you’re going and the terrain you’ll be flying over. It’s easy to get shot down if you fly over hostile territories unprepared.

4. Basic Flight Controls

Flying in Rust might seem daunting at first, but with a bit of practice, you’ll be zipping through the skies in no time. Here are the basic controls for flying helicopters:

  • W and S: Increase and decrease throttle, respectively.
  • A and D: Roll left and right.
  • Mouse Movement: Controls the pitch and yaw of the helicopter.
  • Space and Ctrl: Ascend and descend, respectively.

5. Advanced Flying Tips

  • Gentle Movements: Helicopters in Rust are sensitive to control inputs. Gentle movements will help maintain control.
  • Practice: Find a quiet area of the map and practice taking off, landing, and basic maneuvers until you feel comfortable.
  • Fuel Management: Keep an eye on your fuel gauge to ensure you have enough juice to get back home.

📌 Pro Tip: Understanding the airspace and the potential threats from other players is crucial. Always be aware of your surroundings and be ready to take evasive actions if you come under fire.

6. The Sky’s the Limit

With a bit of practice and the right knowledge, you’ll be conquering the skies of Rust in no time. And remember, on Trust Your Skill servers, becoming a VIP or MVP member grants you the fantastic perk of summoning your own Minicopter whenever you need it. So gear up, fuel up, and take to the skies!

Got more questions or need further tips? Feel free to drop your queries below, and let’s make your Rust aviation journey a remarkable one!

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