Frequently asked question

What is Trust your Skill?

Trust Your Skill is a thriving Rust modded community, renowned for its focus on 5x servers. We provide an enhanced gaming experience for players seeking a unique and engaging environment in Rust.

When is Blueprint wipe?

Our Blueprint wipe schedule varies by server type: - Solo Servers: Every Saturday - Duo Servers: Every Friday - Trio Servers: Every Sunday - Note: There may be additional BP wipes on force wipe days, as dictated by the game developers (Facepunch).

How to Purchase VIP or Kits?

To access our exclusive VIP packages or Kits, please visit our Store clicking on the 'Store' button on our website.

Connecting Discord with Trust Your Skill Servers

For assistance in linking your Discord with our servers, please navigate to our Linking Page. The process involves 3 required and 2 optional steps. An explanatory video is available to guide you through the process.

How do I get support?

At Trust Your Skill, we handle all support queries through tickets. To get support, open a ticket on our Discord Server and describe your issue.

Reporting Players and Bugs/Exploits

To report in-game issues: - In-Game: Use '/report playername reason' - On Discord: Use the SUBMIT feature

How long does a package last?

Our packages last for 30 days. To check the expiry date, refer to the receipt date in your email inbox and add 30 days to that date.

Building Issue: 'Too Close to a Monument' Error

If you encounter this issue in Rust, it is typically due to an obstruction (e.g., a box, a sleeping player, or another entity) rather than proximity to a monument. Remove any nearby obstacles to resolve the building issue.

I raided a base but it is not decaying still

In Vanilla Rust, the anti-grief mechanism redirects resources for up to 24 hours for upkeep, delaying decay. The raided base will start decaying after this period.

Our Rules


Be respectful to staffNo NSFWNo form of racism, discrimination, or excessive harassmentAdvertising is not allowed, in any formNo DDoS threats to the server or any playerDo not call out cheaters/teamers in chat. Use F7 or /reportUse common sense, if you think something might get you in trouble, don't do it


No form of exploits, cheating or hackingNo multiple RUST gamebanned alts. One is allowed if 6 months oldNo ban evadingVPN user with less than 300 hours will require a whitelist to joinPlaying with cheaters will get you banned for association.Hotels, Taxis are not allowedWalling off monuments is not allowed, except Quarries


Base design with no entrace are not allowedTeleportation bases are not allowed, where you can only enter/exit by teleportNo walled loot rooms. Bunkers are allowedAny base design is allowed but it have to follow vanilla rules.Griefing is allowed

Team Limits

Exceeding the group limit of the server will get you bannedAlliances, Slaves, No Raid agreement are not allowedTrade is allowed only with /trade or in Safe zonesBoosting a player/ Helping him building will get you banned We do not force KOS but a too friendly manner could get you banned.