Rust Farming: Growing Your Hemp

Written by Trust your skill
24 September 2023
Rust Farming: Growing Your Hemp
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Farming in Rust isn’t just about growing pumpkins and corn; it’s also about cultivating that precious hemp. Hemp farming is an essential aspect of the game, providing you with cloth which is a crucial resource for crafting gear, medical supplies, and more. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of hemp farming in Rust, especially on Trust Your Skill (TYS) servers, where we’ve tailored the farming experience to be more enjoyable and rewarding.

1. Finding Hemp Seeds

Your journey to becoming a hemp farmer begins with finding hemp seeds. In Rust, you can find wild hemp plants scattered around the map, especially in forested or grassy areas. Harvest these wild plants, and you’ll collect some hemp seeds along with cloth.

📌 Pro Tip: On TYS servers, thanks to our increased gather rates, collecting seeds should not be a problem, giving you a head start on your farming adventure.

2. Preparing Your Farm

Before you start planting, you’ll need a planter box. Craft a planter box using wood at your workbench. Once crafted, place the planter box in a well-lit area, preferably outdoors for natural light or indoors with ceiling lights to ensure your hemp plants get the light they need to grow.

3. Planting Your Seeds

Now that you have a planter box and some seeds, it’s time to get planting. Open the planter box’s inventory, place your seeds in it, and watch them grow. It’s that simple!

4. Watering and Fertilizing

Your hemp plants will need water and fertilizer to grow. Collect water in containers or a water catcher and pour it into the planter box. For fertilizer, use compost generated from a composter using excess plant material or food.

📌 Pro Tip: On TYS servers, plants grow 5x faster, making the farming experience a bit more hands-off and rewarding.

5. Genetic Cloning

Rust farming has a genetic system. Each hemp plant has a genetic code that affects its growth rate, yield, and water usage. By crossbreeding plants and cloning the ones with favorable genetics, you can optimize your farm for maximum cloth yield.

What are the best hemp genes in Rust?

The best hemp genes in Rust are GGG YYY. These clones are known for their superior growth rates and high yield, making them highly sought after by farmers.

6. Harvesting Your Hemp

Once your hemp plants have fully grown, it’s time to harvest. Simply interact with the planter box to collect your cloth and some extra seeds for your next planting cycle.

7. Expanding Your Farm

As you gather more seeds and resources, consider expanding your farm with more planter boxes, better lighting, and an irrigation system to automate watering.

8. Protecting Your Farm

Remember, other players can raid your farm and steal your hard-earned cloth and seeds. Build a secure enclosure to protect your farm from unwanted visitors.


Hemp farming in Rust can be a rewarding and relaxing activity amidst the game’s usual chaos. On Trust Your Skill servers, we’ve made farming a bit more user-friendly while retaining the game’s survival essence. So grab some seeds, get planting, and watch your cloth stockpile grow!

Ready to start your farming journey? Join us on Trust Your Skill servers and enjoy a farming experience tailored for both beginners and seasoned farmers. Happy farming!

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