Understanding VIP Kits

Written by Trust your skill
20 August 2023
Understanding VIP Kits
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At TRUST YOUR SKILL, we’re committed to offering a gaming experience that’s both fair and enriching. Our VIP kits, while entirely optional, are designed to enhance your gameplay while ensuring the core experience remains balanced for everyone. It’s important to note that all VIP kits are blocked for 2 to 3 hours after a fresh wipe, depending on the package. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of our VIP packages and the value they bring to your Rust experience.

1. Skilled - 4.99 EUR

For those looking to elevate their gameplay with some added conveniences:

  • Tag: Flaunt your [SKILLED] status in-game.
  • Homes: Set up 4 homes, giving you one extra compared to the standard.
  • Teleportation: Enjoy faster teleportation with reduced cooldowns and countdowns.
  • Server Access: Bypass the queue when the server is full, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Customization: Load images into signs, access over 2000 item skins, upgrade buildings automatically, and color your name for a personalized touch.

2. VIP - 9.99 EUR

A package that offers a blend of gameplay advantages and customization:

  • Tag: Customize or hide your [VIP] tag as you see fit.
  • Homes & Teleportation: Benefit from additional homes, reduced teleportation cooldowns, and faster countdowns.
  • Server Access & Customization: Similar to the Skilled package but with added features like spawning a mini every 5 hours.
  • Exclusive Kits: Access to special kits that provide essential items, with specific cooldowns and redemption limits.

3. MVP - 19.99 EUR

For the dedicated players seeking the ultimate TRUST YOUR SKILL experience:

  • Tag: Showcase your [MVP] status.
  • Homes & Teleportation: The best in teleportation benefits with the most homes and quickest times.
  • Server Access & Customization: All the features from the previous packages and more.
  • Exclusive Kits: Access to MVP-specific kits loaded with resources and gear, designed to give you a head start.

4. Blueprints Unlock - 9.99 EUR

Unlock the potential of your gameplay:

  • Duration: Valid for 30 days.
  • Server Specific: Choose your server and unlock ALL available blueprints, enhancing your crafting capabilities.

5. PVP Kits - 9.99 EUR each

For the combat enthusiasts:

  • AK & LR Kits: Depending on your preference, choose a kit that equips you with either the AK rifle or the LR weapon.
  • Redemption: Enjoy infinite redeems with a 2-hour cooldown, ensuring you’re always battle-ready.


Our VIP kits are more than just packages; they’re a testament to our commitment to enhancing your TRUST YOUR SKILL experience. While they offer added advantages, we’ve ensured that they maintain the game’s balance. Whether you’re looking for gameplay conveniences, customization, or a competitive edge, there’s a package tailored for you. And remember, opting for a VIP kit also supports our community, helping us continue to offer quality servers and experiences.

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