Crafting in Rust: Must-Have Items

Written by Trust your skill
23 September 2023
Crafting in Rust: Must-Have Items
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Crafting is the cornerstone of survival in Rust. It’s how you turn the raw materials of the wilderness into the tools, weapons, and structures necessary to thrive. While the crafting system in Rust is extensive, there are certain items that are essential to your survival and success. In this guide, we’ll explore some must-have items to craft in Rust, and how Trust Your Skill (TYS) servers enhance the crafting experience, making it more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

1. Tools

Typically, your first priority in Rust would be to craft basic gathering tools like the Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe. However, TYS servers give you a head start by spawning you with these essential tools already in your inventory.

Salvaged Axe and Salvaged Icepick:

Once you’ve established yourself a bit, upgrading to the Salvaged Axe and Salvaged Icepick will further accelerate your resource gathering. These tools are more durable and efficient compared to their stone counterparts.

📌 Pro Tip: Crafting is instant on TYS servers, a huge time-saver, especially when you’re in a hurry to get equipped.

2. Weapons

Ranged Weapons:

The Hunting Bow is a reliable early-game weapon. With the /kit bow command on TYS servers, you can get a bow and arrows right away.

Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons like the Machete or Bone Knife are essential for close-quarters combat and can also be used to harvest resources from animals and defeated enemies.

3. Building Items

Building Plan and Hammer:

These are your basic building tools in Rust. Redeem the /kit house on TYS servers to build a 2x1 shelter, complete with a sleeping bag, furnace, and campfire, twice each wipe.

Tool Cupboard:

The Tool Cupboard is crucial for establishing building privilege within a certain area, preventing other players from building near your base.

4. Survival Items

Survival in Rust hinges on managing your health, hunger, and thirst effectively. Crafting essential items can significantly boost your chances of survival.


  • Essential for cooking food and staying warm, especially during the cold nights.
  • A place around which teammates can gather, share resources, and plan their next move.

Sleeping Bag:

  • Allows setting a respawn point to re-enter the game after death at a chosen location rather than a random spot on the beach.
  • Crafting multiple sleeping bags and placing them strategically can provide a tactical advantage, ensuring you respawn closer to your base or areas of interest.
  • Recent Update: A significant change has been made to limit the maximum number of respawn options to 15 per player.
    This is aimed at making death in Rust more meaningful and making the placement of new respawn points a more thoughtful decision. Players can now see their respawn options on the map while alive, and have the ability to unclaim bags they aren’t using anymore. This change also introduces a new “Bag Gifting” option, allowing players to control who can assign a bag to them with choices including anyone (default), team (teammates + friendly in the contact system), or nobody.

These items are fundamental to surviving the early game in Rust. Ensuring you have these basics covered will provide a foundation upon which you can build, gather resources, and plan your strategies on the Trust Your Skill servers.

5. Workbench

Crafting a Workbench is crucial as it unlocks the ability to craft higher-tier items. There are three levels of Workbenches, each unlocking a new tier of craftable items.

📌 Pro Tip: All Level 1 Workbench Blueprints are unlocked by default on TYS servers, giving you immediate access to a variety of useful items right from the start.

6. Furnace

A furnace is indispensable for smelting ores into usable metals like metal fragments or high-quality metal, which are vital for crafting advanced items and building materials. Having a furnace or multiple furnaces running efficiently can significantly accelerate your progression in Rust.

  • Wood, Metal Ore, and Sulfur Ore: These are the primary materials you’ll be smelting in your furnace to obtain Metal Fragments, High-Quality Metal, and Sulfur, respectively.
  • Efficient Smelting: Divide your ores and wood evenly among the available furnace slots to ensure efficient smelting. It’s also a good practice to have multiple furnaces running simultaneously to speed up the process.
  • Placement: Ensure your furnace is placed in a secure area within your base to prevent theft of your precious resources.

📌 Pro Tip: On TYS servers, the /kit house provides you with a furnace, some wood, and ores to get you started with smelting right away.


Crafting is an integral part of the Rust experience, and knowing what to craft can significantly impact your survival and success in the game. TYS servers aim to enhance the crafting experience by removing some of the time barriers associated with crafting, allowing you to focus more on the action and strategy of Rust. So gather your resources, hit the crafting menu, and start building your way to the top of the Rust world!

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