Raiding 101: How to Raid Like a Pro

Written by Trust your skill
23 September 2023
Raiding 101: How to Raid Like a Pro
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Raiding is an adrenaline-pumping activity in Rust, where you get to put your skills to the test against other players’ fortresses. It’s about strategy, timing, and a bit of ruthlessness. On Trust Your Skill (TYS) servers, raiding comes with its own set of rules to ensure a fair and thrilling experience for everyone involved. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of raiding and how to do it like a pro on TYS servers.

1. Preparation is Key

Before you even think about raiding, you need to be well-prepared. This includes having enough resources, weapons, and a well-thought-out plan.

Gathering Resources:

Ensure you have enough explosives, ammo, and other necessary resources for the raid. You might need ladders to scale walls and materials to seal the base among other things.


Scout the base you plan to raid. Look for weak points, study the base design, and plan your entry and exit points.

📌 Pro Tip: On TYS servers, walls and doors spawn at 10% health in a raid block zone, healing each second if not damaged. This gives raiders a better chance at breaching defenses.

2. Common Raiding Strategies

Building a Raid Base:

Constructing a raid base near the target can provide a safe spot to store extra supplies, respawn, and regroup. It also serves as a staging area for your raid.

Online vs Offline Raiding:

  • Online: Attacking while the base owners are online, which can be more challenging but also more fun.
  • Offline: Raiding is done when the base owners are offline, which is generally easier.

3. Choose Your Raid Time Wisely

Timing can significantly impact the success of your raid. Choose a time when the base owners are likely offline, when they leave their base, or when you have enough teammates online to overpower any resistance.

4. Utilize the Element of Surprise

Stealth can be your ally. Approach quietly, avoid being seen, and strike swiftly. Once the raid block zone is activated on TYS servers, players can’t teleport away or redeem kits, ensuring a fair fight.

5. Efficient Use of Explosives

Explosives are a crucial part of raiding in Rust. Here are some common explosives and their uses:

  • Timed Explosive Charge (C4): High damage, good for breaking down doors and walls.
  • Rocket: Deals area damage, good for taking out multiple structures or enemies.
  • Satchel Charge: Lower damage but cheaper, useful for early-game raids.
  • F1 Grenade: Low damage, but can be used to harass enemies or clear rooms.
  • Explosive Ammo: Deals splash damage to nearby structures. This makes it highly effective when targeted at the junctions of building blocks, as it can affect multiple structural elements simultaneously.

Common raid costs:

C4 - Deals 275 damage against building blocks and does not splash other building blocks but splashes deployables (Sleeping bags / TC / Furnaces / Workbenches etc.) - Deals 440 damage against doors and will not splash other doors.

Rocket - Deals 127 damage against building blocks and does splash other building blocks. - Deals 220 damage against doors and will splash other doors.

  • Armored door: 2 C4, 1 Rocket
  • Sheet metal door & Ladder hatch: 1 Rocket, 8 explosive ammo
  • Garage door: 1 C4, 1 Rocket
  • Armored wall: 7 C4, 1 Rocket
  • Sheet metal wall: 4 C4
  • Stone wall: 2 C4

📌 Pro Tip: Go to and look in the “durability” tab of any item and you will get a list of how much it takes to destroy it.

6. Secure the Perimeter

Once inside, secure the perimeter to prevent the base owners or other players from reclaiming the base or ambushing you.

Seal the raid:

As soon as you have TC (tool cupboard) access or build privilege make sure you seal all openings that an eventual counter could ambush you through. Destroy all bags so the owners cant spawn back in. Place your own TC so you cannot be trapped by the owner or a counter placing theirs instead and building you in.

Watch for Sleeping Players:

Eliminate sleeping players to prevent them from becoming threats. A common strategy is to loot the sleeping bodies but leave them alive until you are finished so as not to alarm them through use of Rust+ notifications.

7. Loot Smartly

Grab the most valuable items first. Look for weapons, ammo, resources, and tool cupboards to gain control over the base.

8. Have an Exit Strategy

Always have a plan for a quick exit. Whether it’s having a getaway vehicle ready or a clear path to retreat, ensure you and your loot can get out safely.

9. Counter-Raiding

Counter-raiding involves defending your base against raiders or attacking raiders who are busy with another raid. Being prepared for counter-raids or using them to your advantage can significantly impact the raiding experience.


Raiding in Rust on TYS servers is a thrilling experience with the raid block zone ensuring a fair and action-packed raiding environment. With the right preparation, strategy, and a bit of ruthlessness, you can master the art of raiding and enjoy the spoils of your conquests. So gear up, team up, and happy raiding!

This guide provides a comprehensive look into raiding on TYS servers, ensuring players are well-prepared for the challenges and excitement that raiding brings.

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