Starting Out in Rust

Written by Trust your skill
25 August 2023
Starting Out in Rust
Photo by Ninuz

Starting Out in Rust: A Beginner’s Guide to Survival

1. First Things First: Gather Resources

When you first spawn in the world of Rust, the typical loadout is just a rock and a torch. But that’s vanilla servers. On Trust Your Skill (TYS), things are a bit different. You’ll spawn with stone tools, 3 blueberries, and some pants to kick off your adventure. While these tools give you a head start, you’ll still want to gather more resources. Trees are your best friends for wood, and those stones on the ground? Essential for future crafting endeavors.

📌 Pro Tip: Always keep an eye out for hemp plants. They’ll give you cloth, which is super useful early on. And with the added bonus of starting gear on our servers, you’re already a step ahead!

2. Crafting: Your Key to Survival

With the resources you’ve gathered and the stone tools you started with on our servers, hit that ‘Tab’ button and dive into the crafting menu. While many start with crafting basic tools, you’re already set! So, why not begin with something more advanced? Craft your bow or, if you’re looking for a quick start, claim it with the /kit bow which is free for everyone on Trust Your Skill.

3. Build a Shelter

While nighttime in Rust is known for its cold, dark, and treacherous environment, on Trust Your Skill servers, you won’t have to worry about the night. It’s always day! But that doesn’t mean you can skip building a shelter. Find a quiet spot and craft a building plan and hammer. Lay down a foundation, add some walls, a door, and voila! You’ve got yourself a basic shelter. And if you’re looking for a quick setup, use our /kit house for a limited redeem to get your base up in no time.

📌 Pro Tip: Crafting a sleeping bag is essential as it acts as a respawn point if things go south. And here’s a special Trust Your Skill tip: Set up a teleport home using our plugin with /home. This way, you can easily teleport back to your base whenever you need to!

4. Trust No One (Well, Almost No One)

Rust is a game of survival, and while making allies can be beneficial, always be wary. Not everyone has good intentions. If you’re playing solo, it might be best to keep a low profile until you’re better equipped.

5. Food and Water: Stay Nourished

Keep an eye on your hunger and thirst meters. Hunt animals for meat, but remember to cook it first! Raw meat can harm you. For water, look for rivers or lakes, but always ensure you’re drinking clean water.

6. Explore, But Be Cautious

Monuments and rad towns are great for loot, but they’re also popular spots for other players. Approach with caution, and maybe do a bit of recon before diving in. Learn more about navigating these areas in our guide to Rust monuments.

Wrapping Up

Starting in Rust can be a bit daunting, but with patience and a bit of strategy, you’ll find your groove. Remember, every Rust player, no matter how experienced, started just like you - with a rock, a torch, and a dream. So, gather, build, explore, and most importantly, enjoy the wild ride!

Got questions or need more tips? Remember, we’re here to answer. Drop your questions in our discord, and let’s make your Rust journey epic!

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