The Trust your Skill Difference

Written by Trust your skill
21 August 2023
The Trust your Skill Difference
Photo by Ninuz

Hey there, Rust gamers! Ever wondered what makes TRUST YOUR SKILL stand out? Let’s dive into our journey and see what makes us tick.

A Humble Beginning

Back in 2020, right before the whole world went a bit crazy with COVID, we launched our very first server. It was a 5x solo-only server with 50 slots. To be honest, not many players joined at first. We were new to the Rust server scene, and we just wanted to create a fun place to play. A place where you could jump in, have a blast, and not spend endless hours grinding. And yeah, we wanted a server where you could play solo, especially if you had… well, no friends (just kidding 😜).

Growth and Expansion

As we kept tweaking and adding cool stuff to the server, more and more players started to join. By the time COVID hit, we had expanded to 100 slots, and guess what? We had queues! Our solo server now often hits 175 players, which is just… Wow.

What made us grow? It’s our unique features like Raid Protection, faster game progression, and our super active community. We always listened to players and made sure the game was fun and fair for everyone.

Seeing the love from you all, we added two more servers - Solo Duo and Solo Duo Trio. But here’s the thing: we always focus on quality. If we can’t give our best to a new server, we won’t launch it. Simple as that.

Are We the Best?

Look, there are some fantastic servers out there. Are we better than all of them? NO WAY. But we give our best every single day to make sure you have an awesome time on TRUST YOUR SKILL.


From a small server in 2020 to a community loved by so many, it’s been an amazing journey. We’re here because of you, and we promise to keep making TRUST YOUR SKILL a fun, fair, and fantastic place to play Rust. So, gear up, jump in, and let’s make some epic memories together!

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