Trust Your Skill vs the Rest

Written by Trust your skill
18 August 2023
Trust Your Skill vs the Rest
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Hey Rust gamer! With so many modded Rust servers out there, you might be wondering, “Why should I play on TRUST YOUR SKILL?” Well, let’s break it down and see what makes us a bit special.

Cool Stuff You Get with TRUST YOUR SKILL

1. Supercharged Gathering

Ever wanted to hit a tree or a sulfur node and feel like a superhero? With our 5x gather, you get 5 times the loot compared to vanilla servers. Less grind, more fun!

2. Teleport Like a Pro

Hate walking? Us too. With our teleport plugin, you can zip around the map. Whether you’re heading to the Outpost, Bandit Camp, or just wanna get home after a long session of raiding, we got you!

3. Sunshine All Day, Every Day

Nighttime in Rust? Perfect for a toilet break, right? 😜 But based on what you guys told us, we made it sunny 24/7. No more stumbling in the dark!

4. Show Off with SkinBox

For our awesome donors, we’ve got SkinBox. Pimp out your gear with almost any skin in the game, even if you don’t own it. Look good, play good!

5. Maps That Don’t Suck

We handpick our maps to make sure they’re packed with the best spots. And with sizes of 3500 or less, things get intense real quick!

6. Play More, Get More

Our loyalty system is simple: the more you play, the cooler stuff you get. From perks to kits and even some VIP features, it’s all about giving back to you.

Connect your Steam, Discord, and Twitch with us, and bam! Free kits coming your way.

8. Improved Loot Dynamics

We tweaked the loot respawn rates, so you’re always in for a treat. Less waiting, more looting!

9. Instant Craft & Blueprint Benefits

Hate waiting? All items craft instantly, and we’ve unlocked all level 1 workbench blueprints from the get-go.

So, What Makes Us Stand Out?

Look, we’re not here to say we’re the best thing since sliced bread. But we genuinely care about making TRUST YOUR SKILL a blast for everyone. We listen, we tweak, and we’re always looking to make things better.

It’s a common question in the Rust community: “Which Rust servers are the best?” The answer largely depends on what you’re looking for in a game. Some players might prioritize a vanilla experience, while others might be looking for a server with a specific mod or a tight-knit community.

At TRUST YOUR SKILL, we strive to create a balanced and enjoyable environment for all our players. We believe that our unique features like supercharged gathering, teleportation, and improved loot dynamics make gameplay on our server exciting and rewarding. However, we also acknowledge that what makes a server “the best” can vary greatly from player to player.

We encourage players to explore different servers, engage with various communities, and find what suits their gameplay style the most. And we hope that many will find a home here at TRUST YOUR SKILL, enjoying the unique blend of features, fairness, and fun that we offer.

For a more objective comparison, we recommend checking out, which provides a comprehensive listing of Rust servers along with various metrics that can help players make an informed choice.

Wrap Up

TRUST YOUR SKILL is all about fun, fairness, and some epic Rust action. With our cool features and our love for the community, we hope you’ll find a home with us. So, gear up and let’s make some memories!

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